How did we reach all the sites: the tube ofcourse, the easiest and quickest way to travel through london.  All the sites open around 10 in the morning for a reason, earlier you are in the tube with the commuters to work and believe me, you feel like a sardine in a can,  too busy !!

First we went to Madam Toussauds, I always wanted a picture of me and Bruce willis 

Why are they saying they haven't found Kadafi!!!  He is right here !!!

Ellen Mirror, she looks real doesn't she.

That evening we did a romantic dinnercruise on the thames, It was wonderful, nice food, live band, live singers, all the attactions highlighted.  One to do when you go to london!!!!

Next day, the london tower!!!

Maquette of the london tower

White tower

One of the raves, we went up close and personal, they just stay and pose!!!

the London Bridge, after that we had a nice afternoon tea and in the evening we went to a play.

Wednesday we started at the Mews where all the carriages are, we were lucky, they horses just came in from there morning walk

Kate's weddingcar

The golden carriage, only out for the crowning of a new king or queen, takes them 2 full days to get the carriage out of the hall.

then just hop around the corner to view the changing of the guards.

after that we went to camden town, covent garden, oxford street and then back to the hotel to dress up for the medieval banquet.

Thursday morning we went into the london eye, can you spot big ben.?

Buckingham palance in the back of the picture